1000-piece puzzle completed!


We at Elgin Park have completed another huge puzzle! It only took 4 months to complete! But as you can see, certain pieces are missing. It is our goal for the next puzzle to not lose any pieces! Come on in and help us complete this fall-themed puzzle!


(The next puzzle.)

Harry Potter Trivia Game

Harry Potter Flying better.png

 On May 24th at lunch in the learning commons we are going to have a Harry Potter Trivia Game, everyone is welcome to attend. Depending on how many people show up, we will most likely put everyone into teams, or you can bring your own team. Mrs. Bonn will ask the questions, teams will have about 20 seconds to write down an answer – then each team will present their answer. Mr. Yewchuk will keep the score. Winners will get their pictures posted and a small prize!

*If you are planning on attending, Mrs. Bonn would love a heads up so she can plan – but it is not necessary

Reader’s Cafe

Next Meeting: Thursday Jan. 11 at lunch

In the Learning Commons seminar room (walk in turn right).

*We will talk about what you are currently reading and we are all finishing reading Surrey Teen Read: Scythe


Next Read – Choice of: Levellor, The girl in the blue coat, or If I was your girl.



New members VERY WELCOME! Talk to Mrs. Bonn if you have any questions.