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At Google Advance Image Search you can filter your results finding copyright friendly images!

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    Search to find copyright friendly images or video

                                  Copyright Friendly Images:

Copyright Friendly Music and Sound:
Aviary Music Creator
Button Beats
Find Sounds
Free Media GOO
Free Stock Music
Jam Studio
Open Music Source 
National Jukebox
Sound Jay
Introduction to Creative Commons – by  Sue Waters  TheEdublogger.comCreative Commons, founded in 2001, is an organization which provides free content license known as a creative commons license that people can apply to their work.When you license your work with creative commons, you are giving people the permission to use it without having to ask permission, provided they use it in the manner stated in your creative commons license.The reason people use creative commons licenses is to make it easier for everyone to share and adapt creative work without the concern of copyright infringement.Creative commons licenses are used for books, websites, blogs, photographs, films, videos, songs and other audio & visual recordings.

If an image, or website, doesn’t include a Creative Commons license then it automatically implies all content is the copyright and you shouldn’t use!

Please note:  there are a few websites that do provide free images that aren’t licensed under Creative Commons licenses — make sure you follow their terms and conditions of use.

For those wondering, unless a blogger includes a Creative Commons license, all content on that blog is automatically the copyright of the blogger.” linked from the EduBlogger by Sue Walters – Read more!


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