The Readers Cafe’

The Readers Cafe’ is a group for any teen that enjoys reading! We meet on the 1st and the 3rd Thursday of every month at lunch in the Learning Commons. All grades are welcome!  Contact Mrs Bonn in the Learning Commons if you are interested in joining us.

( School year 2017/2018 dates:  Jan. 11 & 25, Feb. 1 & 15, Mar. 1 & 15, Apr. 5 & 19, May 3 & ?)

What we are reading this right now: 

Scythe (a Surrey Teen Read Nominee)

*what we discussed last meeting:

We discussed that everyone is to have Scythe by Neal Shusterman finished by our next meeting: Thursday, Jan. 11 at lunch

  • The “races” – how/why in this day in age they are all “mixed”
  • Who we want to “win” – Rowan or Citra and why
  • Why we think the book is titled: Scythe
  • The Good Reads App or website. A good place to look up info on books to read and perhaps send a review
  • When you finish Scythe, choose another Surrey Teen Reads book from in front of circulation desk to start discussions on. Preferrably – Levellor, If I was your girl, or Girl in the blue coat.


Possible Group Activities:

SURREY TEEN READS: read 5 of the 10 STR books and vote in May.
BOOK TO MOVIES: come to the Learning Commons and relax while viewing one of your favourite books now on DVD. The group will decide on the title and when we will get together.

MURDER MYSTERY BUFFET: an afternoon of food, fun, drama, and intrigue! #smokinggun #whodunit?

SUMMER SUPPER CELEBRATION: after enjoying having July and August off, we know you will be dying to share all the great books from your summer reading list. Join the group in the Learning Commons to share some books, some laughs, and some dinner on our first week back in September.

Find us on Pinterest we have a board with Cool stuff! 

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